Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy 1st anniversarry Charm Chameleon Chatterbox!

Seriously,if you want more information on how to make the world better= greener....please visit Charm Chameleon Chatterbox !!

If I'm not mistaken this is the second time Hanz buat give away...btul kan Hanz? hehe yg 1 st dulu saya dah merasa yang ni lebih special sebab Hanz anjurkan sempena 1st anniversarry Charm Chameleon Chatterbox..

Di sebabkan saya tamak..for 2nd giveaway saya taknak miss jugak...sebab hadiah2 yang Hanz bagi memang sangat cool !

How to join?

First,go this site:

just follow the simple rules...copy from Hanz's blog...

(1) Write a post / entry in your own blog promoting my giveaway. Just 1 post. Please make sure, you include linkable this giveaway link & my Chatterbox link as well.

(2) Visit this Chatterbox as often as you like & by all means, for any post you will find it usefulness, help yourself to it but please let me know. I love to share anything that I know or experienced with others. Do get to know this Chatterbox & me, can provide your opinion, views, ideas or whatever feedbacks, be positive or negative, I'm ok with it. :D

READ : ONLY this Chatterbox CONTENTS. I repeat, just the CONTENT (post/chat). Whether as overall, specific or based in certain subject. Don't comment any other things like layout, navigation or whatsoever.

EDITED : You have ONE MONTH to leave comment about Chatterbox's Content. Fair chance to all. :>

(3) Leave your (i) blog link entry about this giveaway & (ii) your feedbacks on my Chatterbox's Content (overall or specific) in this Giveaway entry only at Vis-a-vis.(Comment)

who can join?

Just any Malaysian Citizenship Female B
loggers either residing in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia.

The prizes?

1 piece of Linda Linda Enviro-Safe side sling bag

L41cm x D9cm x H37cm made of polyester water proof foldable into pocket size great for storage of diapers/bottles/clothes/laundry perfect for any leisure occasion : shopping/swimming/picnic...and many more
Brought by Lil Danzell

2 pieces reusable Cloth Pad

  • Panty Liner
  • Measurement: Approximately 2.5″ x 6″
  • Full layers of 100% cotton flannel (without water barrier layer)
  • Reversible so you can flip over for a fresher surface
  • Colors available (Pink/Baby Blue/Light Green/Orange)
Brought by Mama Patch

2 pieces funky prints Cloth Wipes

Reusable / washable multi cloth diaper (or whatever you see fit) wipes. Great for all ages!! They are the BEST diaper wipes you'll find. Keep a couple of wet ones in a baggie stashed in your diaper bag for outings, and eating out. Even make great washcloths, burp cloths or "hankies".Not only for baby and child but for you to replace the tissue.

They are made 1 layer of super soft cotton flannel print and one side of extremely soft cotton sherpa terry. The size is 8" by 8", just the perfect size to fold in half and store in a recycled disposable wipe container. Available in variety of unisex prints, girl prints or boy prints.

Brought by MyCheekyBoo

Disclaimer : Rules & Regulations is the rights of Chatterbox's owners. Failure to complete any of the 3 Simple Steps resulted automatic disqualified. Any protest about this giveaway will not be entertained. Thank you!

ha ape lagi...jomla join jugak!


Hanz said...

Farah..thanks for joining..noted..Good luck!

Lady of Leisure said...

all the best farah!

Farah said...

hanz:hehe harap2 ade harapan cerah


Awards ~~thank you!